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The first step in Registering you Company is to formalise the structure under which you plan to conduct your Business. You may, or may not know, but there are different types of Business entities you can choose from when starting your Business. The most common ones are:

  • Sole Proprietor - this is the simplest form of entity and there are no paperwork needed to setup and trade as a Sole Proprietor. You will be trading as yourself. An example will be Joe Black T/A 24/7 Plumbers.
  • Closed Corporations - although it is no longer possible to register a Closed Corporation, as it was phased out in May 2010, it is still legal to trade under a Closed Corporation.
  • Private Company - A Private Company (PTY) LTD has become the new standard for formalising your Company. A few changes have been made to the law to accommodate SME's to operate their PTY LTD easier and more cost effective.
  • Non-Profit Organisation - This is also a Private Company, but solely registered for Social Development, and is not allowed to make any profit.

With this option you will receive the following:

  • Name Reservation
  • Company Registration (PTY) LTD
  • Income Tax Registration
  • BEE-Affidavit
  • FNB Business Account

*Please complete this form should you wish to register a Pty Ltd.

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