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Register My Business - | , Gauteng - Johannesburg

Workman's Compensation Registration

Please complete the underneath form if you would like us to Register your Company under the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act, 1993. Please note that this is compulsary if you have employees in your service.

  Type of Entity:
  Close Corporation (CC)
  Company (Pty) Ltd
  Organisation / Association
  Sole Proprietor (Including Farmers)
  Public / Local Authorities
  Date on which first employee was employed:
  Trading name of business / farming / organisation / trust:
  Please complete the fields below:
  Postal Address
  Physical Address
  Tel No:
  Contact Person:
  Email Address:
  Particulars of Owner / Directors:
Name and SurnameID Number
  Please complete the fields below:
Registered name of CompanyCompany Registration number
  Please give a detailed description of the nature of your business OR goods manufactured or sold OR services rendered:
  Describe the following if applicable:
Materials used in the manufacturing of goods:Nature, extend and type of construction / erection undertaken:
  In case of farming, indicate the nature thereof:
  Livestock farming
  Mixed farming
  Do you use any tractors and/or power-driven saws:
  Particulars of Employees:
  Average number of employees expected to be employed between 1 March and 28 February
  Total estimated cash earnings of employees
  Total estimated cash value of food and lodging provided free by employer
  Estimated cash value of other in-kind benefits
  Estimated earnings of working directors of a Company
  Please Upload company registration documents below so that we can assign it to you:
  Please Upload Directors' ID copies below so that we can assign it to you:

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