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Register My Business - | , Gauteng - Johannesburg

Non Profit Company Registration (South Africa)

Non Profit Company Registration

A non profit company may be registered with or without a company name. When a non profit company is registered without a name, its registration number automatically becomes the non profit company name. Such a non profit company may transact with a trading (business) name, or may apply to add a reserved name at a later stage.

A non profit company registration is R675. A non profit company must have at least three (3) directors.

Name Reservation

You may apply for between 1 and 4 proposed names during an application process, at no additional cost. If your name reservation application is not approved the first time around, you will need to apply for new names at another cost of R75.

To proceed with your application, the following will be required

  1. You will need a South African ID or a valid passport if you are not a South African citizen.
  2. A list of up to four (4) proposed names for your company.
  3. For director verification you need to submit all director's identity documents/cards and marriage certificates.

What you will get

  1. Non Profit Company Registration Documents, which includes: COR14.1 | COR14.1A | COR14.3 | COR15.1A
  2. BEE Certificate
  3. Income Tax Registration
  4. FNB Business Account


  Full Names:
  Contact number:
  Whatsapp number:
  Email address:
  ID number:
  ID issue date:
  If married, marriage date:
  If married, spouse ID number:
  Physical address:
  In order of preference, please list four Business Names for your non profit company:
  Option 1
  Option 2
  Option 3
  Option 4
  Please complete all shareholder details:
Full Names and Surname:ID Number:Physical Address:Contact number:
  Please give a brief description of your non profit company:
  Please Upload copies of all directors ID documents / ID Cards. Please note that if you use an ID card, you have to upload a copy of the back of the card also.

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